Contact/Bio - Gracie Becker

Hi there! I'm Gracie Becker. I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2016 with my BFA in photography. I am currently working  at Midwest Learning Studio as a Teaching Assistant. Previously, I was assisting at UA Creative Photography and Training (they took this headshot!), and was a photographer for Ohio State's Student LifeColumbus Children's TheatreMom365, and working freelance.

Other apparently important information: I'm 24 (not 16, contrary to popular belief), my favorite word is "lovely", I'm a sucker for jazz, I'm gluten and lactose intolerant (it sucks), and my interests include reading, writing, theatre, singing, painting, and of course photography. I'm currently exploring lighting design as well and looking for opportunities to work backstage in theatre.

As for what I like to shoot, I love fun fashion shoots and taking candids. I'm local in Columbus, Ohio and looking for opportunities to collaborate, so feel free to contact me!